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FuelPlus are the leading providers of aviation fuel management software. As the CORSIA emissions regulation in comes into play for all airlines, it's important that FuelPlus have a clear campaign to announce that they have a CORSIA -ready emission software. We worked closely with FuelPlus to focus this campaign and give it a clear identity.


FuelPlus needed to target new and existing customers with the CORSIA campaign.

As well using social media and email to target the defined audience, we needed a more engaging and direct way of contacting the businesses that will be directly affected by the new airline emissions regulation.  Direct mail is a great way to get under the nose of a target audience, customising each print to have a persons name can also change the response rate and drive them to read and act on a call to action. 



Intrigue + Insight + Engagement

The CORSIA direct mail was design to have the right level of information to help the reader quickly understand the software on offer and what to do next. It needed to be digested in a short time, visually linked to its message, have a clear call to action and highlight the benefits.



FuelPlus had a response rate 200% above the predicted levels.


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