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Building a premium brand

Highbeam Solutions needed a premium brand to help market and sell high-quality automotive lighting to a new UK audience. Highbeam Solutions has been designed from the ground up to reflect the quality of the brand and become the face of aftermarket automotive lighting solutions.

We were tasked with creating a premium brand that could expand over time and reach an international audience. We defined the initial goals for the brand as: reflect the core product, high quality, premium feel, relevant to the sector and engaging.

The first facebook promotional video achieved a 47% view rate


Purchase with confidence

We knew that in order to translate website traffic into sales, we needed to build confidence with the user and help them choose the right lights for their specific car. An intuitive car selection functionality was designed into the website and linked to all products. This way the user would clearly know if the products they were looking at matched their chosen car. If they didn’t, it would take them to the products for their specific car.


Translating the benefits

Highbeam Solutions needed a way to explain the benefits of the products to a new audience in a short and engaging way. We worked with the guys at Highbeam to define all the marketable benefits of the products and we produced a storyboard to translate the concept. From here we worked in the studio and on the roads with a test car to capture the relevant shots and edit it together.

This has given Highbeam Solutions a great way to explain to users the reason why they should buy their products.


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Every new client we work with is impressed with the level of creative work and how cost effective we are compared to other design agencies. 80% of our clients use us on a regular basis with long-term goals for their brand.

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