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Clip ‘n Climb

Europes largest climbing attraction

We help leisure brands build high levels of engagement with guests through targeted branding, design, product development and environment. 

Brand evolution

We worked closely with the Clip n’ Climb marketing team to develop the Clip n’ Climb brand, the franchise branding, South Ridge Café franchise, character development, environment design and climbing wall design. 

We also worked closely with their digital partner to develop a range of websites including: B2B Clip n’ Climb website, Centre franchise website & booking system design. 

South Ridge Café Franchise

We developed a franchise brand for the Clip ‘n Climb café offering. The brand needed to be a global and work in well every country and with all demographics. It also needed to fit with the existing Clip ‘n Climb brand.

Character Development

Characters are a great way to engage with kids and families, they help brands tell stories and build excitement. Pip is used to theme birthday parties and he promotes the offers and features available at Clip ‘n Climb on social media. 

Clip 'n Climb Franchise

The overall franchise offer needs to be appealing and attract entrepreneurs with an eye for success. Clip ‘n Climb has invested in ensuring the franchise offer is translated as clearly and engaging as possible. We loved working with the team at Clip ‘n Climb and the brand, we have many years of experience working with leisure companies but the freedom these guys gave us really made the process enjoyable.  

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