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We specialise in animated explainer videos.

Animated videos can be a great way to explain your products, services and benefits in a more engaging way. We will work closely with you to work out the best approach, script, style, length and design system for the best results. 

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Are you thinking about using video for your company? We can talk you through the process, explain the benefits and work out the best animation style for your brand.

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We used a mixture of brand graphics and sector relevant video footage to translate the benefits of Skymetrix. Attention to detail was essential to make sure we targeted the right audience. 

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The Experian Partnership

We helped promote the new partnership with Experian by producing a video to explain and celebrate the benefits to Access customers.

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Access Financials Software

The client provided a rough script as a starting point, we refined it, produced a detailed storyboard and animated the signed off designs. This needed to be approachable 

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Access Workspace

Helping Access Group celebrate their on-going customer success.

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Standard Life Foundation

Standard Life Foundation briefed us to deliver a video that clearly explains the difference they make to people lives. 

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Access Group – Leveraging technology to better connect with your customers. 

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CEVA Batteries

CEVA Logistics is an international company with a turnover of 7 billion. This video was created to promote the highly efficient and safe battery transportation service they offer. 

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Safe Passage UK

When working with delicate public messages we prioritise details, tone and style to make sure it is delivered in the correct way. 

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Customer Success Plans

Access Group want to help their customers get the most out of their software. This video helps explain all the tools and guidance they can use to succeed.

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Legal routes to sanctuary

Delivering sensitive messages to the public requires an empathetic approach and an eye for detail. Safe Passage – Raising awareness of the dangers and rights children have when trying to enter the UK legally from abroad. 

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Phishing Attacks

Helping raise awareness of the dangers and sophistication used by scammers and how it can impact businesses. 

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Chemical Bikes

A promotional video for the brand and the latest range of high-end Enduro bikes. The video was used to gain more followers on social media and drive users to the website.

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