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Skymetrix was formed in 2021 following the merger of two leaders in aviation fuel and cost management — FuelPlus and Airpas. Power Box Creative was appointed as the agency to deliver the new brand.

Brand Delivery

9 Phases, 18 categories and 94 deliverables.

Fuelplus and Airpas had over 100 customers, 20+ years experience in the field, and well-established strategic partnerships with industry bodies including IATA. Find out how we created the new name and brand for the merger of the two companies.

The Brief

“We are merging the individual companies and products. We must create a new brand that creates a cohesive identity for the company and clear differentiation. We need to be crystal clear and laser-focused on how we look, and what we offer to our customers.”

Skymetrix Brand Team

Brand and Product Clarity

The foundations of the brand came from a detailed research phase, workshops and interviews with the client and customers of Airpas and FuelPlus. This gave us a clear direction and goal for the new brand. From here we produced a brand strategy document which became the brief for the identity and personality of the company.

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'Transform your airline’s fuel and cost management with Skymetrix: one platform that delivers benefits beyond profitability.'

Skymetrix needs to have a visible backbone of experience, capability and maturity. But it still needs to have the energy to drive marketing and command attention as well as a strong toolkit to support lead generation.

Authentic and Approachable

Skymetrix personality:

Ambitious, assertive, assured, optimistic, forward looking, authoritative, pioneering, confident, leading the way. Their status as a visionary is founded on being knowledgeable, experienced, having a track record of proven & positive impact, expertise, category leadership, honesty, understanding, hands-on approach and a practical application for customers.

Bold, positive, confident, say what we believe

The colour system is a definable part of any brand. Sometimes it’s hard to find your own unique tone in today’s world where everything feels like it’s already been done. We focused on the colours within the sky around the world to help create the Skymetrix gradient. 

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Leadership coordination

Power Box coordinated the leadership team, drove the process and organised all stages of the delivery process with clear outputs and expectations. Delivery timelines were agreed and output expectations were set for each phase. Two companies with 14 stakeholders across 3 countries needed to be coordinated and involved in all key stages. 

We interviewed a small but significant list of their customers to get a deeper understanding of the perception within their sector. Emirates, TUI, KLM, Transavia, Cathay Pacific and Atlas Air gave us a vital customer perspective on the existing companies. 


The Skymetrix website is a powerful tool for the company and showcases the new brand and personality as well as the values defined in the brand framework. We worked closely with the Skymetrix marketing and leadership team to build a clear structure that reflects the products and services. 

Lead generation is the core focus. The brand will solidify the new company as a market leader through high-quality design and the latest standards in web structures and UI. The priority is to produce a website that impresses users and allows the new company to use the website as a flexible platform to deliver all marketing, product and service-based information. 

Empowering market
leadership through strategic
brand excellence